What We Do: Helping Parents to Help Themselves and Their Children's Future Success









The Foundation provides funding for Global Parents Forum, an online platform of like-minded parents to connect, learn and support to become better parents - by 1) organizing live and recorded series of educational, entertaining, inspirational talks by prominent speakers, panelists, and performers from diverse industries and regions around the world, including academics, athletes, celebrities, corporate executives, foreign dignitaries, musicians, politicians, etc., attracting hundreds of millions of viewers each year worldwide, and 2) provides a platform where members can befriend and interact with other like-minded parents from around the world, share information and experience, and support each other.

The Foundation also initiated and provides funding for inter-continental research on how parental engagement plays a role in various areas of children’s development and performance, specifically in academics, physical/mental health, relationships, careers, and others. Currently, a group of educators, medical doctors and psychologists at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Columbia, Tel-Aviv, Korea, Hong Kong and Sydney are collaborating together on this research.

The Foundation promotes international education by annually awarding scholarships to well-deserving families whose children have been accepted by and enrolled in a full-time degree program at a four-year university outside of their home country where the instructions are given in a language other than the students' mother tongue. For more information, please contact us here

"ALL parents - regardless of their cultural, educational, regional, religious, or socio-economic backgrounds - want their children to be better off than themselves." 

-Elijah and Jihye Bach-